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Services: Maintenance Contracts

Having a reliable computer system is an essential part of most businesses these days. Problematic machines can cause inefficiencies and interruptions in workflow, causing not only loss in productivity and man-hours, but potentially a loss of clientele if projects aren't completed on time. This is one of the major source of frustrations in modern businesses, especially in the event of lengthy downtime.

Many issues can be resolved before they occur with regular maintenance. Computers can be checked and optimised at regular intervals, kept up to date with the latest software patches, and easy-to-use backup systems can be put in place in the event of hardware failure or accidental deletion of files.

Mac Manager offers customised service agreements to suit the needs of your company. This provides the benefits mentioned above, without the high costs of calling in a technician every time a computers falls over and requires desperate attention.

Whether it's twice a year, once a week, or anywhere in-between, significant savings can be made by forming a service agreement with us.

Please call or email to discuss your needs and to obtain pricing details - there is no obligation.



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