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On-site service & repairs

Mac Manager offers a broad range of on-site support services for you or your organisation in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, including:

  • Installation & setup of Apple Mac computers & accessories
  • Service, repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Data recovery
  • Network support
  • Wireless networking & internet
  • Broadband setup
  • File sharing between Apple Macs and Windows PCs
  • Running Windows applications on your Mac

For more information and pricing regarding on-site service & repairs click here


Memory & hard drive upgrades

If your mac is struggling to keep up, displaying the coloured wheel far too often, it may be that it doesn't have enough memory to run smoothly. A simple upgrade might just be the solution.

With photos, music and movies becoming more the domain of your mac, storage has become far more important. A second hard drive, or a larger replacement hard drive will mean that you can keep more files on your computer, without having to constantly archive files to CD / DVD to clear up space.

For more information and pricing on memory and hard drive upgrades click here


Training & tuition

Mac Manager offers group training of staff. So whether your company has just implemented a new system, or if you think your staff could benefit from a refresher course, we can tailor a session to suit your needs.

It's amazing how many times we've heard from customers, "I know my mac can do so much more, I just don't know how." For this reason we also offer one-on-one tuition. Learn all the cool things you can do with your mac! Perfect for home users who want to discover new things.

Available in the great Sydney metropolitan area only.

For more information and pricing on training and tuition click here


Maintenance contracts

For small to medium size organisations, a maintenance contract can be an effective way of minimising machine downtime, improving reliability, adding capabilities at a steady pace, and generally ensuring your organisation gets the best performance from your computer system.

We're flexible to meet your requirements. Whether it's twice a year, once a week, or anything in-between, there's a maintenance contract to compliment your IT needs.

For more information and pricing on maintenance contracts click here



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