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Services: Web Design

A well designed, professional looking web site can say a lot about a company, but not as much as a poorly designed one. A site that is friendly, informative and aesthetically pleasing says that your company cares about its customers. Whereas one that is not, tends to indicate the opposite.

Seeing that we appreciate Apple computers, with their easy-to-use interface, the web sites we design are simplistic, elegant, and easy to use, without sacrificing on content. If you are a Macintosh user yourself, then you know what we mean.

The web sites we produce are content driven, meaning that they are designed for people who come to your site for information on your company, products and or services. They want to get to the information they want as quickly as possible. They aren't there to be entertained. If you want a site that has fancy special effects, and things zooming across the screen, then we recommend contacting a flash-based web site designer. We believe most of those types of sites distract and often frustrate people, instead of delivering them the information they want.

Generally we create standard html based web sites (which is what 90% of web sites use), but we can also arrange, or work with database developers to create a site with large amounts of searchable information, such as online stores and catalogs.

Please call or email to discuss your needs and to obtain pricing details - there is no obligation.



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